Empowering Experiences for Girls
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Empowering Experiences for Girls     
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Confidence. Connection. And Well-Being.  
This production company was inspired by the group of women at a girls' summer camp in Boulder, CO.

At this summer camp, amazing changes were observed in young girls when they learned about tradition, mindfulness, bonded with a group of friends, and were active in the outdoors while learning awareness about the nature around them.

Later, after camp, the stories about how they
were doing revealed that the girls kept their identities and stayed unafraid to express themselves. They were, as a result, more grounded and likely to stay true to themselves when faced with everyday life, therefore becoming more successful, happy and fulfilled.

The objective of Girl Adrenaline Productions is to create experiences that incorporate lessons about traditions from different cultures which helps foster open-mindedness, emotional self-discovery to move past stereotypes and labels to connect with the true most powerful self, and a fun approach to exercise to stay physically healthy while creating healthy habits. The hope is that these lessons will stay with girls into the future in their chosen vocations and relationships.

Our programs are designed using professionally researched material. We follow guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine.
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